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SEO & Internet Marketing Services

With regards to Search Engine Optimisation, we are very successful in having our clients ranked highly on Google. Designs on the Web provide Search Engine Optimisation Services with proven results. There are two major facets to the service. 


The first is to advise you on all the elements that are required for your site to make it more search engine friendly and Google-centric. There is a multitude of issues that must be addressed, including but certainly not limited to keyword frequency and density, relevant content, effective use of alt-tags, proper coding, etc...


The second is a bionic-strength registration service that your site cannot live without. The second part of our service is much more effective when all the boxes are ticked for the first part of our service.


Our SEO Internet Marketing service includes:


  • Examination of natural searches linked to your content

  • Competitive audit

  • Keyword research and analysis

  • Continuous keyword and text revisions as required

  • Sitewide “SEO friendly” text with high key phrase density

  • Google-friendly meta tags and back end coding

  • Alt-tags, titles, descriptions and how to get better SEO use out of your content

  • Meta tags finalisation & implementation (DELIVERY OF CODE)

  • Continual Search Engine Submissions

  • Periodic reporting


Boost Google Organic Search Rankings

If you want potential new customers to find you website highly ranked on Google, ahead of your competition, then call Designs on the Web today on 020 8953 1877 or +44 (0) 7985 262534.

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