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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing by Designs on the Web

How would you like to increase your website traffic? Interested in raising your company profile with new potential customers? Should your business be actively engaged in promoting the value of your brand on the world’s largest communication platforms?




Smart, successful businesses know that the answer to these questions is a resounding YES!


When you make your company more visible on social media, your business has more opportunities to get the attention of new prospects and grow the relationship with your existing customer base. Every time someone reads your blog post, views your images, watches your video, leaves a comment or retweets your post, this will lead to a greater awareness of your brand and an increase in traffic of prospects visiting your website that you can convert into sales.  


Designs on the Web can help your business leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog posts and more. Give us a budget and we’ll devise an effective, cost-efficient strategy to promote your business and drive a targeted audience to your website. Great weekly/monthly plans available for inter-connected, multi-platform social media marketing campaigns tailored to your business requirements.


Get seen! Get heard! Get customers! Get Social with Designs on the Web!


Call Designs on the Web today: 020 8953 1877 or +44 (0) 7985 262534 for your free social media marketing consultation.

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